The refugee community is in a transition space between arriving in Berlin, and settling down there. An intervention must be made in this space, by building on the foundation that has been laid by the numerous initiatives.

It became clear from the research that there are a lot of initiatives in Berlin that are working in various different spaces in order to help the newcomers integrate into the society. However having said that, it is also apparent that the current system isn't perfect. Which is why, the idea was to identify these holes in the system, and devise a solution to fill in the missing pieces.

To give some structure to the information overload that came out of the research, I created 4 broad achetypes of the research group and mapped them along a journey map, to discover genuine opportunities for intervention.


archetype I | ENTERPRISING

This archetype has by far been the most successful at integrating here in Berlin. What makes individuals in this group similar is the fact that all of them are open-minded, realise the importance of networking, meeting people, having self driven initiatives and motivations, grabbing on to opportunities etc. Using these qualities they have managed to build a network of friends and colleagues, which keeps them busy in their everyday lives, and definitely well integrated, socially at least.

"Keep busy, stay positive, meet people and build a network."



This group usually hails from the cities. They are well educated, well exposed to different cultures, and hence very open minded. They also come across as highly motivated individuals who are looking to sort out their work or educational lives, here in Europe, and have a plan as to how they could achieve that. However, this group also faces some language barriers, though they are working hard on fixing that problem ASAP.

"First I must learn the language. Then I will think about everything else"



This group usually comes from modest educational and economic backgrounds. They also usually come from the villages and the relatively rural areas, and havn’t had much exposure to urban lifestyles and western culture. However, they are curious individuals with an open mind and spirit, in terms of going out and experiencing new people and cultures. Their practical approach makes them open to mingling, however they have some language barriers as well, making communication and sharing difficult, which holds them back at times.

"If I get a chance to meet people, then I will do it, but I don’t
know what will happen..."



This group of individuals are the most culture shocked. They are very vulnerable and reserved and show no motivation to go out, mingle and accept this new culture. They are generally close minded towards western culture and have huge language barriers as well.

"These people are very different from us. I want to go back home."



journey map

The journey map plots out the behaviour of the 4 archetypes from the point of 'discovery' of the integration activities, all the way till their 'participation' in said activities. It helped critically assess their behaviours and reservations, with the end goal of identifying key project opportunities.

behaviourproblemopportunity ENGAGE discover decide ice break contribute network takeaway follow up PARTICIPATE CONSOLIDATE Unified eventplatform &better UX Becomea rolemodel Becomea catalystfor others Give net-working seminars Becomea rolemodel Super aware No problems No problems Very willing Successful New contacts Semi motivatedMostly unaware of activities CuriousEasy loss ofmotivation Suggestions on unified platform Non- verbalactivities Shy but openLanguage barrier Shy but curiousLanguage & cultural barriers Non- verbalactivities Usually do not Language & cultural barriers Suggest relevantevents Suggest relevantevents Suggest relevantevents Hope: social lifeNot always possible Doesn’t existStagnates the journey Role model figure to inspire Very interestedLanguage barrier Interestsbased eventsuggestions Non- verbalactivities Suggest relevantevents Suggest relevantevents Suggest relevantevents Open to mingleLanguage barrier Open to mingleLanguage barrier Very awareNot all eventsmatch interest Hope: work, eduNot all programsoffer that Doesn’t existStagnates the journey Non- verbalactivities Doesn’t existStagnates the journey Kill timeEnds up as a one-off engagement No motivationIts a pity, since itsin their interest. Suggest relevantevents Suggest relevantevents Suggest relevantevents Effortless, relevant, gamification Intra-culturalUnhealthy forintegration Role modelfigure toinspire No attemptsLeads to alienation In-shelterevents MinimalLanguage & cultural barriers Non- verbalactivities No attemptsLanguage & cultural barriers

key opportunities

Event discovery must be unified, personalized and effortless.

A role model figure can insipre greater engagement.

A workshop toolkit enabling non-verbal participation, collaboration and sharing.

A personalized recommendation system that facilitates continued engagement.


project framework definition

All the opportunities are held together by 1 common need— information dispensation. These could be the basis of different touchpoint that constitute a single systemic solution. Based on that, I defined the re:boot project as:

re:boot facilitates progressive refugee integration, through a personalised and easy-to-access information delivery system, that engages them in integration programmes.


system map

And finally, to get a bird's eye view of how this entire system would work, here is a map illustrating how the key touchpoints ( in red ) connect with each other to form a self sustaining information delivery system.