The workshop guidelines enable it's facilitation, independent of the rest of the re:boot eco-system. However, to compliment the information dispensation touchpoints of this system, the participants' 'future maps' would have to be digitized into a database.

This would be the basis on which the mobile platform and the physical artefact, would be able to dispense relevant information to the 'databased' individuals. I have prototyped a data collection concept, though, I only see it as an example / early iteration of data collection possibilities. Which is why I'd like to share it, as it is currently, so that the community can pick it up and take it through the next stages of development to make it convenient and feasible.

Once again, the schematics and code are available, though, I would first suggest to go through the description below, in order to understand my vision of how it could work.



The idea is to embed the name tags, aspiration cards and interest cards with RFID chips. On the other hand, the data collection mechanism, is simply a box, with a slit to insert the cards. The box has a RFID reader and writer mechanism. This system digitizes the participant's future map onto the database, and also writes his/her newly created profile onto his/her name tag. This name tag now becomes the participant's unique control key which can be used to operate the re:boot kiosk.

The following workflow will explain how it works:

  • place participant's name tag in the name tag slot.
  • insert row 1 into data-collection slit.
  • press row-toggle button ( row indicator shifts to '2' ).
  • repeat step 2 and 3 for 2nd, 3rd and 4th rows of the future map.
  • press the 'save-profile button'.
  • Return the name tag to the participant.
github repository



In the context of the workshop, the way this data collection could integrate is:

  • At the time of name tag collection, the participant's name and whatsApp number are written onto the ( RFID chip in the ) tag and then handed over to them.
  • At the time of the final activitiy 'From Tomorrow I Will', the 2nd volunteer can go around to each participant and collect their future maps into the data collection box as mentioned above.
  • The name tag is returned ( control key for the re:boot kiosk ) and instantly, unique login credentials ( for re:boot community ) are sent to the participant via WhatsApp.