And lastly, the kiosk installed in the shelters, provide printed 'weekly event lists' through an absolutely effortless interaction.

This artefact is an essential touchpoint within the system because, many individuals in the shelters aren't motivated or comfortable with using applications on their smartphones. Which is why, an alternate information dispensation mechanism is needed— which is easily accessible and effortless to interact with.


interaction modality

The thermal printer installed in the kiosk is connected to the re:boot database, giving it access to all the user profiles, events and programmes. However, since this artefact is meant to reach out to the not-so-motivated archetypes, like the 'rural open minded' and 'culturally resistant', it would be ideal if the information provided is only about a few relevant upcoming events. This provides the possibility of immediate participation without overwhelming the user with excessive information. The interface of the kiosk has been stripped down to the basics to make it accessible to absolutely anyone:

Personalized Event Lists

The control key received after the re:boot workshop can be used to operate the kiosk. A simple insertion of this unique identifier, immediately prints out a personalised 'weekly event list' for the individual.

Proximity based Event Lists

Those who haven't attended the workshop already, can interact with the kiosk by pressing the only button on the artefact. This dispenses information about the week's events, in the vicinity of the user.