The mobile platform is the main hub of this information system. It provides access to all the features that re:boot provides, namely, discovery of events, programmes and people.

The re:boot community is not only meant to act as a consolidated database of all the activities happening in Berlin, but also an intelligent system that makes appropriate suggestions to it's users and evolves over time.


consolidating fragmentation

Most initiatives use facebook as their primary mode of communication regarding events and programmes. Some others use email threads, in shelter posters, or simply word of mouth.

Clearly, this fragmentation doesn't help discovery, but it would be cumbersome to urge all the initiatives to abandon their communcation modes and shift to the re:boot community. However, if we could enable RSS feeds from their current communication platforms, it could be a solution to consolidating a large number of initative activities into a single space. Also, this way, the information would constantly keep updating itself, which is vital.

 1. RSS feeds from Facebook  |  2. Consolidated events on Resident Advisor  |  3. Feedly- RSS reader application

1. RSS feeds from Facebook  |  2. Consolidated events on Resident Advisor  |  3. Feedly- RSS reader application


information architecture

A breakdown of all the features and navigation of the mobile platform.

w/o signed ineverything same, except no road mapno capsno suggested filter signed inmeaning profile has already been created through workshop weekly event schedule filters:- suggested | all- learn | work | recreation suggested programmes filters:- suggested | all- learn | work | recreation programme landing page - more details. profile - my road map (option to mark as completed or delete)- my caps- subcriptions to recurring events - one-off event history event landingpage - full event description- date, time, ‘join’- discussions? connect (with similar people) filters:- learn | work | recreation- all tags (maybe...) user profile - common interests and aspirations- no. of caps - direct msg option cap leaderboard more settings Incentive of top 3 cap leaders of a month, get the option to organise their own events. they are given a budget and a space by a partner initiative. mailbox

key features

'Profile Creation'

Attending the workshop auto-generates a user's profile in the re:boot community, giving access to all the recommendation features.

Editable 'Future Map'

Over time, as a user meets his personal goals and aspirations, he/she can edit his/her future map to continue receiving relevant suggestions.

Weekly Event List

Events are one-off activities like meetups, conferences, music gigs etc. This page suggest user relevant events categorized under work, education, legal advice, housing etc.


Programmes are long term activities that require a sign-up or enrollment, such as educational courses, job seeking programmes, volunteering activities etc. They are suggested based on relevance to the user.

Connect People

By matching similar profiles, the platform also suggests like-minded individuals, that one could connect with, share knowledge and expand their social circle.

Sign Up as 'Initiative'

Besides the RSS feeds, initiatives also have a possibility to sign up and post events and programmes directly in the re:boot community.


When individuals attend recommended events or programmes, they score a certain number of 'caps'. At the end of the month, the 'cap leader' is given the opportunitiy to organise an event of his/her choice using the space and budget provided by a partner initiative. The idea is to provide an incentive for people to go out there and participate.